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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Letter to AK-47

Dear Andrei,

I know you've received a lot of criticism for underachieving after signing that monster contract that ended up paying you roughly 200,000 dollars per game this year. Now that you and Jazz fans might be parting ways, I'm writing to say thank you and to apologize. I'm apologizing on behalf of Jazz fans that have under appreciated you for years. After the Stockton and Malone era you were the only player that kept our heads above water. You have been the Jazz's entire defense. You've always worked hard and wanted to win. So what if Baron Davis did jam on you with no regard for human life, people forget that you single-handedly shut down a red hot Jason Richardson that series and propelled us into the 2004 Western Conference Finals. You swatted Yao Ming dude! Thanks again. If we do part ways, just know I always had your back and appreciate what you've done. Hope to have you back next year (maybe for a little cheaper this time).



PS. Please get a haircut

Court is adjourned.

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