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Monday, March 5, 2012

Carlos Boozer & Twista ft. Mario Winans "Winning Streak"

If you've ever watched Carlos Boozer on the basketball court, odds are you've also heard one or two of his signature yells. But clearly audio snippets picked up by microphones at either end of the court can't do justice to the two-time all-star's vocal abilities. 

So Boozer got in the lab with Twista and Mario Winans and churned out this gem to show us his he's got more to his lyrical game than just "Gimme dat sh*t" and "AND 1!" I don't think the big fella will be winning any Grammy awards for the single, but on a scale of 1 to Shaq Fu (the vanguard of all NBA rap) I'd give it a Ron Artest and a half.

Make no mistake, I'm not suggesting Boozer should give up as an MC altogether. I'm just saying if he wants me to keep listening to his work he better A) address the mystery of his magically appearing hair on a song or B) toss up a track with the audio from his on-court screams as ad libs.

Court adjourned.

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