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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Old School Pic of the Week 10.25

It's tough to know what's really going on with the NBA lockout. First there's a huge gulf between the parties, one day we've almost got a new CBA, and next thing you know  the sides are no longer on speaking terms.

After relying on sound bites from the NBA and union to try to make sense of this ordeal, this week the world had the opportunity to hear from head of the NBPA, Billy Hunter, on Bill Simmons' podcast.

Sure, Hunter revealed some interesting stuff about the negotiations: the bias towards owners in the media, divisions between the small-market and large-market owners, and Mark Cuban's proposed elimination of the salary cap to name a few. But the real news was the shocking revelation that David Stern and Hunter were in fact fraternity brothers in Sigma Alpha Mu back in their college days. 

Which got me thinking, is there a better pair of frat brothers to feature in an Old School Pic of the Week than the high-flying duo of Hakeem The Dream and Clyde The Glide from University of Houston's prestigious Phi Slamma Jamma?

I think not.

But don't think the story ends there. The metaphorical significance of this photo -- I'm looking at you, Hunter and Stern -- is that former fraternity brothers, though they may split up and compete against each other for many years (Houston vs. Portland), can still reunite and achieve great things ('95 NBA Champions).

Court adjourned.

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