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Friday, June 15, 2012

Jam of the Week 6/15

Like seemingly everyone else and their dog, I've had an unexplained proclivity to root for the Thunder as they have continued to march on through the Playoffs. But this week I watched a documentary called, "Sonicgate: Requiem For a Team." The movie timelined the last couple years in which the Seattle Supersonics curiously became the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the film changed my whole perspective on the franchise. The unexplained sentiment of Thunder pride, drastically shifted in me. I didn't fully understand on what terms and in what way the OKC owners pulled the team from the hearts' of the Pacific Northwest. Now that I know, I can never root for the Thunder like I once did. Not because of their awesome, electric young players, but because of their scheming owner, Clay Bennett, and his group and what they did to Sonics fans. I want to dedicate this dunk of the week to the Seattle community who watch their team play for a foreign reign in these 2012 NBA Finals. Anyone remember when Durant donned the green and yellow? Here's to you SeaTown.

"A Big Ol' Tomahawk!"

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