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Friday, December 9, 2011

Jam of the Week 12/9

The New Jersey Nets are a bad team. Hopefully Pauly D and Snooki don't show up to my house at 3 AM brandishing hair gel and Ed Hardy bags filled with bars of soap in order to fist pump my teeth into the back of my head because of my frankness, but someone has to step up and say it. Rumor has it that the Nets are closing in on a deal with coveted Brazilian big man, Nené. Bad teams overpay, so if a deal is struck, this is going to be one very rich man. If signed, expect to catch Nené at all the hottest night clubs on the shore decked out in the tightest Armani Exchange shirt, alongside wingmen Pauly D and Mike "The Situation" fist-pumping the night away, throwing grenades and whatever the hell else it is they do on that show. Here's to you big fella'.


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