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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Old School Pic of the Week 12.13

With this week's announcement that Brandon Roy would retire, the NBA lost a great player and by all accounts an excellent person (not to mention a Seattle legend.) But though his basketball career may have come to a premature end we would like to remind Roy that his future can still hold many joys.

There's no better example than the notoriously fragile Bill Walton. Though able to win two championships, Walton is remembered more for the 352 games lost due to injury than the 468 he played over his ten year career. But as Walton's toothy grin in this week's old school pic testifies, the only thing between an abbreviated basketball career and true happiness is a couple of nice bicycles.

And so, my friend, comes the time to trade in those high tops for a pair of spandex biker shorts and ride off into the sunset. The NBA is a wreck these days anyway.

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