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Monday, May 28, 2012

The Delonte West Twitpic Chronicles

From Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things to Boohbah Zone, the internet holds many wonderful hidden joys. One recent gem that I recently discovered is Twitpic feed of the Dallas Mavericks' Delonte West (@charleeredz13). For a player that historically gives his team 9.6 points and 3.6 assists per game, I had no idea that Delonte offers so much more to the general internet community.

This is Delonte West, and these are apparently his exploits.

Delonte writes: "No introducin.....Alex the lion...and...Meman...."                                                         
Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm pretty sure there are no lions anywhere in this photo. But maybe the joke's on me and Delonte was just being ironic and edgy when naming these captive giraffes. At least he was nice enough to take some time away from some of his other activities to feed these little fellas. I can respect that.

"Me and @VerneTroyer.... OCEANS 11 BOSS Sh#t!!"

This photo of Delonte and Verne posted in the club raises a couple pressing questions:

1) What was the topic of conversation between these two polar opposite gentlemen?

2) Why wasn't I invited?

"Got my fruit and maple oatmeal...if ya look closely...she put the 'HOT SAUCE n MY BAG...HOT SAUCE n MY BAG'....."

Can't tell if West was really amped or appalled that the drive-thru lady put the hot sauce in his bag. McDonald's employees beware about where you choose to place Delonte's hot sauce. He will feel passionately about it.

"For real ... that's how ya gon do me jo.imma get a pet bear this summer..tie him to the front porch. call um tony montana"

It's pretty frightening that the tires got ripped from Delonte's Caddy in his front yard. But even in the face of danger, there goes Delonte with the animal names again. Don't know if a bear named Tony Montana would be the model of professionalism though.

"Few people recognize me befor I walked in bathroom ..I think dey want an autograph..dey gon miss der flight waitin on me"

I give up.

Court adjourned.

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